Tuesday, 1 March 2016

What a weekend

I am shattered after my busy and noisy weekend. 
Absolutely shattered.
My guests arrived early on Friday - before 3:30 and that's when the chaos commenced. We had a takeaway and beer was drunk by me, and then I lay awake most of the night. Which was productive.
On Saturday I popped to Tesco with my brother fairly early and we all got ready too early as usual. I'd booked a taxi to pick us up as there were so many of us going in - a group of 5 people. It was booked for 10:30, giving us 2 hours to reach the restaurant where lunch was booked. Unfortunately there were three hotels in a relatively short distance belonging to the same chain and we were dropped off at the wrong one (the furthest away of the three of course - The Radisson Blu Edwardian Grafton instead of the Radisson Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury, where we were staying) so rather than get back into the London traffic we walked a mile or so to the right hotel, checked in and rushed to the restaurant straight away - a bit less restful than the relaxed start we were hoping for.
The food was excellent at lunch but it took 40 minutes to get the food so again, not quite the meandering lunch we'd hoped for.

 Luckily the restaurant was only 2 minutes walk from the theatre so at that point everything smoothed out nicely. We were going to see the totally wonderful, spectacularly clever and brilliantly executed War Horse, and if you have the opportunity before it closes next month EVERYBODY should go. Seriously. GO!!!
The play lasts about 2 and a half - 3 hours (or 10 minutes depending whether you're talking real elapsed time or perceived time), and everyone loved it.
After the play we strolled back to the hotel for a short rest before meeting in the bar for a new aperitif. 
We were eating in the hotel at their Steak and Lobster restaurant. Where they pretty much only serve steak... and lobster. 

Again the food was great, but the service was incredibly slow and the restaurant absolutely packed - I've never seen a hotel restaurant so busy.
On Sunday we had breakfast in the hotel and then the car arrived to take us home. All my guests went home as soon as we reached the house because they had a couple more hours travelling ahead of them. I went out for a walk to stretch my legs before doing the boring stuff you have to do at the weekend in preparation for work - mostly food prep and laundry.

I totally ignored my diet all weekend and ate large quantities of fried potatoes. I did mostly stay gluten free but had cheesecake on Saturday (the dark photo above doesn't do it justice) and a pain au chocolat as part of my breakfast on Sunday so not entirely. I didn't however binge at any point and feel surprisingly ok today apart from being too afraid to step on my scales this morning.
I really didn't want it to be Monday today. I had to drag myself in to the office as I'm moving to a new project and had to spend some time on handover with another tester. I spent the whole day yawning my head off and praying for home time. My food was not great because I was eating for quick energy and surprisingly I don't feel too guilty about it 

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  1. The not feeling guilty bit is great - good for you. The food doesn't look bad either < grins >.
    J x