Tuesday, 22 March 2016


I worked from home today so I could be in to let a plumber stop by. We need a new shower and the landlord has asked for a couple of quotes.
As I was working from home anyway - something I'll probably lose whenever I find another job - I decided to go to see the doctor. I've felt lower since starting with the antidepressants this time than I did in the past and as well as renewing my prescription I wanted to ask about increasing the dose for a while. I was quite surprised he didn't recommend it - though thinking about it that could be because I've been on them less than 6 months and it can take that long to feel significantly better I believe - but instead he suggested that I start taking vitamin D supplements alongside the antidepressants. Which was quite a coincidence because I just opened a new tub of Vitamin D pills this morning after running out months ago. He even recommended taking 2 pills rather than the normal one - which is exactly what I had done with breakfast this morning. So maybe not all advice and information you find on the Internet is wrong :-)
He also recommended stress management workshops based on cognitive behavioral therapy but I'm not sure about that. I understand (very loosely) the principles and have a 'CBT for Dummies' book that I might just dig out to read, but I don't fancy talking about my feelings and doing exercises in a group. Maybe I'll reconsider if the vitamin D doesn't help.
I got some natural vitamin D today as well by walking to my appointment on a lovely sunny morning - really nice to see.
And in the spirit of exercise as medication I managed 24 minutes very carefully using the climber as well - spread over 3 sessions so I could stop as soon as my back complained at me. I know you're probably thinking that was stupid but I'm sick of resting it and hoping for improvement while my muscles atrophy ; I need to strengthen it not allow it to cripple me. Quite honestly lately I've been about as active as the average octagenarian - and I'm not even 45 till September. So I'm making the effort now to do something about it, because what I've been doing hasn't worked. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't injure myself for real though...

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  1. I started taking high dose vitamin D a few years ago, and it makes a big difference all around. Hope it helps!