Tuesday, 29 March 2016


After all the fun and pleasure of the weekend work today was a massive downer. I worked from home and was bored rigid.
So here's some pictures of another highlight of the weekend 

Cassie belonged to a neighbour of theirs before they moved to Lincolnshire; her previous owners just lost interest and basically shut her outdoors. Dad and C are cat people but really didn't want another cat because they were in the process of losing their last one to extreme old age, but they couldn't ignore her situation so she adopted them. While I was there we went through our normal sequence of events - I arrive, I'm a novelty and she adores me for offering lots of attention and admiration. Then I keep fussing, petting and pestering her till she hides from me. If I'd stayed longer she would probably have tried to kill me. I love that cat :-) Plus I miss having a furry four legged friend to pet when I'm stressed. Our rental - and the contracting lifestyle - make a pet impossible at the moment so I have to borrow them where I can... Which is probably why I spend so much time looking at cat and dog photos on Facebook and blogs.


  1. Such a pretty kitty. If you ever come to Texas, you can spend time petting our two dogs and three cats - we have plenty of pet therapy!