Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Possibly the dullest day in the history of days

I'm feeling quite a lot better today apart from a persistent sniffle that's even annoying to me and an on again off again ache in my right eye, but I had to work from home because I had a plumber coming round supposedly this morning - he actually arrived about 12:43, which is the afternoon in my world, and more to the point, late enough to stop me going out for a walk. Not that the weather was really inspiring me to walk. He was here for about 20 minutes digging around in the depths of the airing cupboard and under the bath tub and by the time he left I knew that if I went out for a quick stroll I would almost certainly end up buying some junk to eat. Yep, the appetite is back...  So I stayed home and considered going out after work but ultimately decided to take a relaxing hot bubble bath instead. I literally never left the house except to put the bin at the end of the drive for tomorrow's collection. Wow.
I am going to the office tomorrow and I'm actually looking forward to the change. And some company. Yesterday wasn't too bad because M came home at lunchtime with the same lurgy as me - or so he claimed, personally I think he was faking it since he felt fine this morning and was able to go in to his office. But today I almost tried to keep the plumber here just for someone to talk to - tragic!
I'm sure I'll regret going in by about 7:30 tomorrow but it has to be done before I succumb to cabin fever...

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