Monday, 21 March 2016

Monday Monday Monday

Every week another bloody Monday coming far too quickly....
Today wasn't one of the worst Mondays actually. The weather was dreary and uninspiring so I didn't go far a walk. I didn't binge and didn't drink any alcohol. I didn't train - my back pain and neck pain returned at the weekend and because it hurt (lower back) to walk I didn't manage more than a couple of miles either day over the weekend either. I've been trying to remember how I fixed my back pain before and I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that it's not something I can easily do again - I think the main part of it was being in my twenties rather than my forties goddamn it how the hell did that happen...
Work is really tedious and jobhunting is not so far proving very fruitful. I had a minor meltdown on Saturday that needed a lot of hugs to get me out of it and on Saturday I did drink one beer. But I'm still doing much better and not missing it... Much.

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  1. There's a lot to cope with right now so no wonder things are a bit fragile.
    Many hugs xxxxxxxx
    J x