Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Its Wednesday

Just to be clear, the post I posted this morning was written yesterday, about yesterday, and I thought posted yesterday - but blogger let me down and I hadn't realised it didn't actually publish it.
The same thing happened the day before so I need to keep an eye on it! I use the blogger iPhone app even though I'm not that enamoured of it, but might have to change if it keeps failing me.
Last night I put my recycling bin out for collection this morning and it got blown over, sending egg cartons, cans and water bottles everywhere. Why do I even try to be efficient and proactive? I scurried around picking up rubbish in the dark and spent the day hoping it didn't happen again after I left for work - since the recycling men certainly wouldn't bother picking it up. Luckily either it stayed upright or someone else played garbage collector... My recycling bin has been constantly packed solid since we moved house - I probably should have just given in and made a trip to the recycling centre with a car load of cardboard boxes but I hate the place so I convinced myself it wasn't worth it. I hope to finally get rid of the last of the cardboard from the house this week, though of course it will just sit out in the bin for another 2 weeks. Bring back the weekly collections pleeeeze...

Breaking news - I have a cold! Didn't that already just happen recently? I blame M, he was complaining of a sore throat at the weekend. I'm choosing to blame this cold for the fact that I ate junk again today. If it's not that I don't know what is wrong with my damn brain these days.

Weight today 11st 9.2lbs, a small loss but that's not surprising given that I was still eating sugary and starchy carbs yesterday. I will not be weighing myself tomorrow.

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