Monday, 7 March 2016

Its alive!

More or less. 
My cold developed in weird and wonderful ways. Lots of eyes watering and nose running, coughing and zero energy. No sore throat but my nose made up for that in being bright red and painful from all the wiping (even though I used a tissue with 'balm')
The main reason I haven't posted for 6 or 7 years was the lack of energy. I finished work 2 hours early on Thursday - unheard of for me as I don't get sick pay - and spent Friday working from home in bed. I know that can be read in several different ways but can't be bothered to change it.
Over the weekend I only went out when I needed to shop, spent the rest of the time lying on the bed or the sofa, and medicated myself with Day Nurse, Night Nurse, and whisky. Mainly Day Nurse and whiskey.
All right, mainly whisky. 
On the plus side I have been eating like a normal human - very little snacking but where there were snacks, no binges. I actually felt little interest in food which proves how crappy I was feeling, but after my sudden head first dive off the wagon and over a cliff last week that's been very welcome. Especially when it led to not bothering to over eat even when my inhibitions were lowered by the booze.
If only I could lose the sinus inflammation and the bunged up head and the watery eyes but keep the loss of appetite.... Sigh 


  1. Careful on the whiskey with medication it should be either or rather than both. Having said that (professional obligation) colds are the most miserable things. Steam is good for the nose problems and honey if you have the throat as well.

  2. I find hot honey and lemon with some ginger is most comforting - but then I don't like whiskey! Take care and perhaps don't try to push things too hard too soon.
    J xxx

  3. sometimes whiskey is a better cure for a cold than pills! feel better.