Wednesday, 9 March 2016

In the office

And instantly feeling worse than yesterday :-)
What horrible weather this morning... I knew it would be when I could hear the rain hammering against the window first thing. If ever there was a day for staying home snuggled in bed it was today - but I forced myself not to and regretted it by 6:20 (I left home at 6:17 so that's a record even for me). I found myself feeling really congested almost as soon as I got into the office and couldn't stop sniffing - it's a wonder I wasn't lynched by my long suffering colleagues.
Or at least sent home to shut me up (which is what I was hoping for)
At lunchtime I went for my usual walk - I was alone and it was another crappy day so I caved in to the dark side and bought some junk to eat - but without descending all the way into a full on binge. I also bought some Buttermilk to bake myself some gluten free grain free soda bread - it's not sourdough or anything, but reading about Joy's baking adventures seems to have given me back my 'wanting to cook / bake' Mojo - after months of really not caring. Thanks Joy!
I baked two loaves after work and intend to make another tomorrow to use up the buttermilk - the two today were plain savoury loaves, tomorrow's will contain raisins. Today I made one with coconut flour and one with almond flour - any opinions as to which flour would taste best with raisins?
I also found a recipe for gf date and walnut loaf I want to try at some point.
Watch this space to see if I manage to bake without blowing up to the size of a house....

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  1. That's brilliant! :-) Tomorrow I want to try an 80/20% loaf. :-)

    J x