Wednesday, 23 March 2016

I hate people

I had a meeting this morning that was requested yesterday by a developer I'm working with so I had to go into the office and freeze my butt off all morning because the heating /air conditioning has been switched off. At 10:30 she hadn't arrived so I checked her calendar and discovered she'd taken the day off.
Marvellous. Thanks a bunch. If someone is sick or died I'll forgive her; if not....
When I went in I was of course aware that the remains of the package of gf biscuits of doom were still in my drawers from last week, so the first thing I did was toss them in the bin. Although I'm a little constipated today so maybe I should just have eaten them... The second thing I did was move my company easter egg off my desk and out of sight. Don't need the chocolate and don't want the smarties packaging leering at me all day. I wasn't expecting to get given an easter egg this year given how close to leaving I am, but they don't seem to care about that - it's just one egg per desk regardless. A nice gesture I guess but not really what I need at the moment. After doing all that someone who is retiring today covered the kitchen area with cakes, cookies and doughnuts. Another reason I wouldn't have chosen to be in the office. By 11 I really wanted something and massively regretted disposing of my biscuits that were at least gluten free. I'm becoming much happier about leaving this job, even though I'm not having a lot of luck looking for another.

No new aches and pains from training yesterday. I did try to go again this morning but my legs felt heavy so I decided to just walk at lunchtime and see if I felt like it after work. Which didn't happen - the walk or the training. Instead I spent my lunch break driving home so I could finish the day working from home. After work I never even thought about it.

No binge today. Almost no cake - I did give in to a bite size piece of flapjack. No cookies or biscuits. No booze. No chocolate egg. Quite a bit of unnecessary grazing however - not good even though it didn't develop into a fully fledged binge. Frustration and annoyance make me hungry....
Although I'm not trying to be zero carb at the moment I'm eating too many carbs in the form of fake breads - bought and homemade - and some gf ready made pastry I bought last week. I need to cut that out, but I'm going up to Lincolnshire to visit my Dad over the weekend and life will be easier if I'm not too uptight while I'm up there.  So I'll wait till Tuesday to try to get back on the wagon (another day another excuse....) whilst trying not to go overboard in the meantime.


  1. Grazing is OK though. I'm glad it stayed as a graze!
    J x

  2. Hope you had a good weekend and are doing well.