Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Back to reality on Tuesday

I really didn't want to get up this morning - and for once it wasn't because I'd been awake half the night. Quite the opposite in fact, I think by my standards I slept extremely well and my body was trying to persuade me to keep it up. Sadly I had work and couldn't listen. Work sucks.
I dragged myself in to the office today intending to sit down with my colleague to talk through the new project. I probably should have checked that she was coming in first - she worked from home today so that didn't happen.
The weather this morning had me quite low it was so grey and damp. My walking buddy was also WFH today so I had to try to motivate myself to go out at lunchtime and I really didn't want to. So the walk didn't happen.

I know I said I wouldn't weigh straight away and I didn't yesterday but today I bit the bullet... 11st 9.8lbs. Obviously I'm not happy about seeing that but as I know I didn't overindulge enough to gain 5 lbs since Friday morning I'm quite happy to blame water retention and refilled glycogen stores. It should come down quite quickly if I'm good... Big IF as I wasn't today, eating 3 chocolate digestives at work and having leftover takeaway (barbecue spare ribs and fries from a Chinese takeaway) for dinner. I was good the rest of the day though.

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  1. Definitely fluid retention and you shouldn't waste the leftovers and also well done for being 'good' for the rest of the day. Hold onto that!
    J x