Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Back again

Well, that was as a longer blog rest than I intended. And one where I binged more and walked less, so not a good time.
I am now feeling a bit more human again, though who knows how long that will last.
On Friday I was informed that in three weeks my contract will not be extended for budgetary reasons, which is disappointing but was bound to happen eventually - it would have been better happening in 6 months to a year though. Ah well, the universe never does arrange itself the way I'd like it to...
Saturday was actually lovely. I drove to Wiltshire to visit my mum and her OH and we went to Amesbury, a historic town near Stonehenge before going back to their house for a few hours hugging and chatting. It was great - and I didn't binge, though I did eat quite a lot of haribo and a small amount of gluten. But didn't drink.
Sunday was quiet and involved just a short walk and watching Spy - really funny movie. 
Yesterday I worked from home and was bored and lonely all day. I worked from home today as well but was a bit less bored and lonely.
No binge since Friday. No drinking since Friday night either apart from a couple of mouthfuls of M's wine to taste a wine we haven't had before.
I've applied for a couple of jobs and have feelers out in the company I worked for last time I left my current place. Yes, I do remember not enjoying that much last time but better the devil you know - especially the devil that doesn't require working away. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that I find something ok before long, ok? Thanks 

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  1. Welcome back. Shame about the contract - good luck with your hunt.
    J x