Friday, 18 March 2016

Another week over

My stomach was better today - but still not right. Fewer occasions of running to the bathroom but things still weren't quite the way they should be when I got there.
Yesterday I tried not to eat once I realised it was coming back after I did but today I felt a bit wobbly so I just took a chance although I was most definitely not tempted by anything junky after that experience.
I didn't go for a walk today in case of relapse and because of the grim weather.
However I did get on the climber for a couple of very very short periods - 6.5 minutes the first time and then 7.5 minutes the second. That's OK though, even that was possibly more than I should have done considering how little digestion I got done yesterday and this morning.
Work was pretty tedious today. It's winding down a little at the moment so maybe it's a good thing I'm leaving soon. I stayed home and didn't see anyone all day apart from a delivery guy until M came home. Today that was what I wanted though sometimes it gets me down a bit.
I weighed myself this morning - holding my breath and crossing all my fingers that I wouldn't see a 12 in front. It wasn't as bad as I feared thanks to the efficient detox my intestines have been doing but I'm back at 11 st 9 lbs AGAIN (I swear my body has decided that's about the right weight for me to settle at, but sadly I still maintain it's at least 14 lbs over that) 
So back on the diet again and attempt #958 to get back below 11st. Damn it.

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  1. Oh no! Stomach bugs are the worst. Climb back on that horse!