Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Wednesday whinge

I was tempted to write this as a poem just for Joy, but my skills weren't up to the job :-)
Though I will admit that at the peak (or do I mean depth) of my recent depression before the meds kicked in I did write a very gloomy and dreary 'poem' about how I was feeling - don't worry, for my eyes only!
You may have gathered yesterday was not an inspiring day for me even though I managed not to leave my laptop at home and the weather was really rather beautiful. I was just bored all day really; with half term underway a lot of people from work were either on leave or working from home and it was quiet and a bit dull. I spent the morning obsessing over biscuits and as a result my lunch was a pack of gluten free chocolate chip cookies - nice healthy response there. I then skipped dinner because I wasn't hungry and ended up starving by 8:30 whereupon I went temporarily insane and made myself some toast for supper - NOT gluten free. I think I need to go back to three meals a day for a while to stop the hunger / craving driven silliness recurring.
Anyway. I slept badly last night, possibly because my gurgling stomach was waking me up. I actually stayed in bed for 10 minutes after my alarm went off - unheard of, and pointless really since I'd been awake for a couple of hours anyway.
I decided to work from home today so that I could defeat the boredom with classic fm on the iPad. I can listen to it at work but it obviously needs to be with earphones and they all hurt my ears, regardless of whether they go in or over the ears, so I only do that if I'm truly desperate to block out construction noise. But now I sort of wish I'd gone to the office.... Because I'm mortally wounded....!!! The doorbell rang and I leapt up to answer it - and bashed my knee on the corner of our glass coffee table.... Apologies for the language but OMFG it hurts. It gouged my knee as well as bruising it and causing it to swell up so I'm walking around limping heavily and it put an end to my plans for lunchtime - I wasn't going to walk anyway but intended to have a go at using the Versaclimber in stair climbing mode (less strain on the new and back). But having the inclination to train while your knee is in agony is not a good combo - absolutely no training or exercise for me today and how much do I wish I'd given it a go before starting work instead of figuring it would be a good break from work halfway through the day? Ow Ow Ow - I'm not sure if it's worse when I bend it or when I straighten it again.
We've been having loads of problems with our broadband modem / router all week and I've been tempted to drop kick the thing off the roof. I'd have happily smashed it to pieces using the coffee table as a sledgehammer after I hurt my knee. I have surprisingly violent inclinations sometimes don't I? Luckily I rarely follow through on them.... Particularly as M was able to fix the router problem after work today. Still want to shatter the coffee table into a billion tiny shards though.

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  1. It's weird how one can be awake, wide awake, early morning but as soon as the alarm clock goes off there is this irresistible urge to doze!
    I think you are right - if your current regime is causing problems, you need to reconsider it.
    Ouch, ouch, ouch re. your poor knee. I know it is sore but keep it moving gently if you can.
    (((more hugs)))
    J x