Friday, 26 February 2016

Still here

Yesterday was just so busy and stressful I had no time for lunch and therefore no time for blogging - by the time I got home I just collapsed in exhaustion.
I had intended to boast about not drinking on Wednesday night but last night I made up for that due to excess adrenaline I needed to come down from, so forget that.
My weight yesterday was unchanged from the day before but I didn't have time to buy any junk food and wouldn't have had time to eat it if I had, so I managed not to give in to my usual healthy attitude of 'if I didn't lose I might as well pig out'
Today work went from 90 mph to 10 mph and I was bored. I worked from home so I could start early to compensate for my brother and M's parents arriving before 4 this afternoon - ready for tomorrow's London trip. I slept appallingly last night, probably a combination of the work stress not winding down fast enough and the 'what if we've forgotten something important ' stress I always have right before a holiday or excursion that I've been heavily involved in planning. I'm hoping tonight is lower key than most social events involving M's parents so I can get some sleep before the play (definitely don't want to fall asleep during it) and the rest of tomorrow's activities - mostly involving eating. I may be too scared to weigh myself on Monday :-) as the indulgence starts tonight with a takeaway, continues all day tomorrow, and includes a hotel breakfast on Sunday. 
So. Much. Going. On.

Weight today: 11 st 4.8lbs (158.8 lbs)

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  1. What are you going to see (apologies if you've already said)?
    J x