Tuesday, 23 February 2016

So so so so so so so so tired

I meant to post yesterday but I'm sleeping so badly at the moment that I literally couldn't keep my eyes open in the evening so I didn't manage it. Because I was tired yesterday's food wasn't quite as good - I dipped into eating the exercise calories from walking at lunchtime - but I still managed not to binge or overeat.
I'm still having a little(ish) whisky in the evenings in the hope it will help me relax and sleep better - maybe I should just accept that this is not the case, but I'm desperate - and the last couple of nights I've taken Nytol, which is also not helping. This morning (Wed) when I got up I felt as though I hadn't slept at all, which isn't true, but I was just really groggy and thickheaded. Luckily I was already planning to work from home today because this afternoon I am due to get my new oven at last, so I didn't have to decide if I was fit to drive to work.
Speaking of work, my office is in a small business park and yesterday when we arrived we discovered that a group of travellers had descended on the office car park across the road. I don't like stereotypes and bigotry so I hope that's not how I sound, but they have been there before and last time they didn't just cause parking chaos (10-12 caravans parked in an office car park leaves little room for the cars of the staff working there) and vast amounts of mess due to just dumping their trash wherever they felt like it, they also let their kids ride their bikes through the car parks and play around the parked cars and there was some damage to at least one car. And a near accident when someone drove into the car park not expecting it to have become a play ground. So that's another reason to be glad I didn't have to drive into work today, although I very much doubt they'll be gone by tomorrow so I'll still have to decide then if I'm driving to work, catching the train, or just staying home again. They stayed about a week last time. Even though they were reported to the authorities they basically just left when they felt like it, no one removed them for trespassing or anything.

In an attempt to be accountable I weighed myself yesterday.
I was back up to 11st 7.6lbs (161.6lbs) which made me sad.
This morning I'm at 11st 6.2lbs (160.2lbs)
If I don't keep posting my weight will someone please remind me? Because having to 'fess up might help me stick to my guns better.

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