Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Smoother sailing

No particular peaks or troughs today - mildly dissatisfied with being at work but when am I not? Nothing that couldn't be fixed by permanently working from home... If only...
Yes, I did go into the office today and that meant getting a good lunchtime walk with my walking buddy in bright sunshine and fairly strong winds. At least it was dry, and in the office I can't hear the wind outside so that actually makes me feel more comfortable.

A colleague of mine did the Thames Trot on Saturday - a 50 mile ultramarathon (through deep mud) along the Thames Path. He's totally cured me of any feelings of inadequacy (because I still haven't started running despite repeatedly planning to) by walking around in flip flops all day to air his burst blisters, bruised nails, and the nail beds where a couple of his toe nails have dropped off. I don't consider feet to be very attractive at the best of times - and thanks to my walking my own feet wouldn't win any prizes - but yuck. The human foot is not designed for that kind of abuse. It's just not. And not being a runner has never felt so good.

On the 27th of February we're off to London to see War Horse and spending the night in a nearby hotel. Obviously that will make it difficult to eat according to my plan so I've decided not to go all in on the all meat diet till afterwards. Let's just say that in the early days or weeks there are digestive and mood issues that make it unpleasant to go on and off the diet, because being off it for a couple of days is enough to make you start that cycle over again. Instead I'm just going to aim to be low carb until the Monday after the play. I had some fruit, mushrooms and onions today and treated myself to an individual pot of Total Greek yogurt - not necessarily excluded from the diet I want to follow as it is of animal origin, but carbier than I tend to aim for. Food wise today was OK...


  1. I hate to see the feet of ballet dancers - all that gorgeous beauty of movement and yes their feet are horrible. It must be so terribly painful at times and yet they never show it.
    J x

  2. A trip to London sounds wonderful - enjoy that mini break!