Monday, 8 February 2016

Peaks and troughs

My post lunch high yesterday didn't last long - it was over well before bed time. However I'm pretty confident that it was because of the booze - I've always been inclined to get depressed when drinking if I have more than a couple or mix too much. I had a small and very cathartic weeping spell in the evening. 
I slept a bit better by my standards although still woke up between 3 and 4 am - but when you've been waking up between 2 & 3 that feels like a lie in. 
I worked from home today so that a contractor working for our letting agent could come round. You see I've had no working oven for the past week and my shower has all the oomph of a drizzly October afternoon. He took one look at the oven and condemned it on the spot as not worth repairing and after doing some mysterious checks in the airing cupboard he had the same diagnosis for the shower pump. So hopefully both will be replaced in the not too distant future.
One thing I like about renting is finding things like this and being able to say 'not my problem' but of course the flip side of that is having no control over the decisions made or the speed by which they are taken. Having a new oven is worth waiting for assuming that the landlord doesn't overrule the contractor and choose repair. But if he does we'll probably get the old one repaired more quickly than getting a new one might take.
The hideous weather today prevented me from going for a walk at lunchtime - and forced me to listen to the wind all day. I popped out before 6 to post some movies back to lovefilm / amazon, but that was really it for me. My neck has seized up again, once again preventing me from exercising properly - just when I'm starting to feel the urge come back. Still, at least the urge is coming back - given how lazy I've been lately I'm stunned to feel even a little bit tempted to be energetic. That's my bright side for today.

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