Monday, 1 February 2016

Just another...... Monday

My weekend was pretty quiet. I came down from my homicidal rage without actually killing anybody and my built me a buttload of flat packed Idea furniture so I could finally put my clothes away (rummaging through black bags looking for underwear was no fun any more by approximately Day 1 in the new house). I did some walking but nothing particularly inspirational, spent some time doing housework (cleaning an oven - yuck) and doing laundry, and tried to watch a movie but got bored with it really quickly. I also drank some whisky and some beer - not much of either, but still....
And then suddenly it was Monday and I was heading back to the office.
This morning it wasn't too cold and it was dry, but very windy. I always get to work about 10 minutes before the doors are unlocked and when I switched off the car's engine I could feel the wind pushing at my car. 
By 9:15 I was monumentally bored and thinking bingeing thoughts. Thoughts of cakes and cookies and desserts and the vending machine full of chocolate and crisps.
Sigh. I caved. 
I went shopping at lunchtime and bought some crap to eat. Some = too much of course.
On the plus side (have you noticed I've been trying to find a plus side lately? I'm not necessarily good at it, but trying) I didn't use that as an excuse to blow the rest of the day, and I didn't drink tonight.


  1. Finding a plus side is essential. I think. Good for you.
    J x

  2. Yep, keep focusing on the good stuff lest you drive yourself mad with the bad!