Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Depressed again

The last couple of days have been somewhat hard due to being very down and bingeing quite a lot. I didn't weigh myself this morning after yesterday's overeating and I'm fighting the urge to hide out in my baggy black 'invisible Chrissie' clothes again. The only reason I didn't stay in bed all day working in my nightclothes is that I had to go out on errands this morning - more below on that. I'm thinking about asking for an increase in the dosage of my meds but don't want to jump straight into that if this is going to wear off on its own because of the side effects. I don't want to be too 'blunted' if that's the right word - the way people are often depicted on TV with no pleasure or pain in life, but I also don't want to gain another 10lbs or more with the bingeing. Decisions decisions. Obviously yesterday the only decision I made was not to post - because I was trying to think of a plus side / bright side and couldn't. Maybe the fact that I managed to post today is a bright side for me - even if reading this far has depressed the hell out of you :-)

In the meantime I have been working from home so that I can deal with the last stages of the end of our last rental contract - letting the cleaners in yesterday and locking up after them, letting a carpet cleaning man in today, and also getting the windows cleaned. It rained about an hour after the windows guy left. Of course.


  1. Sorry you are feeling so low. Sadly there are no magic pills the antidepressants only help but you have to do the work. Someone suggested this as an idea think of 6 things that you are pleased about before you go to sleep at night write them down then read them when you wake in the morning.

  2. Like Diane, I am really sorry to read that you are feeling so very down again. I wish there was something I could do to help.
    J x

  3. I'm sorry you're feeling depressed again. I've also been battling a moderate depression for months and am considering asking my doctor for some antidepressants. It's so hard.