Sunday, 7 February 2016

Christmas lunch

As we work through a limited company M and I are entitled to go out for a meal on expenses every year. We didn't bother during the actual holiday season because everything was so busy with other people's Christmas celebrations, so instead we went today - to the wonderful Hinds Head in Bray. We've been there before and I was amazed and impressed that they remembered I'm gluten free even though I forgot to tell them when I booked.
The food and drink were amazing - and not at all low carb or diet friendly.
A milk and cookies cocktail served in a mini milk churn
The absolute best pea and ham soup on the planet
10oz ribeye 
With triple cooked chips 
And finally a chocolate and blood orange fool (the chocolate fool covered a heart of blood orange sorbet - absolutely delicious)
I also had a second cocktail, a 3 rum concoction called a rum old fashioned, which utilised dry ice and was both beautiful and spectacular, but by then I'd forgotten about photo taking.
It was a lovely meal and a gorgeous day (apart from the wind)

And I'd already walked almost 5 miles before that, so obviously it was as good as calorie free - right?


  1. It sounds and looks absolutely wonderful. And yes, definitely calorie free. Has to be!
    J x

  2. See I told you there was a better day just around the corner and I am delighted you blew the diet and are not beating yourself up about it. Good for you!!!!!