Monday, 15 February 2016

Catch up

Friday I intended to post but after working from 7 am till 8:46 pm (one hour for lunch) I a) had no energy and b) had nothing to say anyway. 
On Saturday I went for a walk in the morning in light rain. As I was returning to the house it became heavier rain, with a cold wind. I walked almost 7 miles but only enjoyed the first 3 or so. I walked into the house dripping wet, instantly changed clothes, and fell on the sofa to watch a movie.
Sunday was rubbish. We don't do valentines day and I've never not been depressed on valentines day. I would happily hibernate through it, and I tried my best. I did go for a fairly short walk - just to Tesco - but spent the rest of the day vegetation and slightly wallowing.
And then it was Monday again.
This morning I got up feeling relatively ok for a Monday - I slept better than I usually do on Sunday night and at least it was no longer my least favourite day of the year.
Things went pear shaped early though - I drove to work this morning, waited for the doors to be unlocked, walked to my desk and opened my bag to pull out my work laptop.... My work laptop.... What work laptop??? I actually found myself pulling out my own laptop, with none of the software I need installed on it. So half an hour later I was back in the house and with no intention of driving back again, I ended up working from home.
I went for a fairly sunny walk at lunchtime to hand in my NHS New Patient forms at the surgery I attended before we moved last February and picked up a couple of bits while I was out.
I'm not sure if I mentioned this before and I can't be bothered to check back, but I'm currently oven-less. I haven't had a working oven for two weeks now - and don't yet know how much longer it will be before the replacement is installed. On the one hand, we live in a rental so not our expense - on the other hand, if we owned the house I would have a new oven by now. Not having one is getting really old and really so incredibly frustrating.... The existing oven is practically an antique and I'm hanging on to the hope that even a cheap new one must be better... But mainly I'll just be happy to have something, anything again....

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