Thursday, 11 February 2016

Carry on carrying on

Yesterday was a dreary non-day for me. Grey weather, grey mood, not terrible but just no urge to post and no thoughts of what to post. I went for a walk at lunchtime and almost all the way to the supermarket a mile from the office I was fighting off the urge to just go to the nearest convenience store and not bother with the longer walk. I did make it, and between that and another supermarket visit after work I actually walked about 5 miles but it just wasn't enjoyable - just a drudge.
I couldn't be bothered to cook so we ordered a takeaway - I just had a peri peri chicken (ordered a whole one, ate half last night and half for breakfast today) 
I was quite happy to go to bed and so tired I didn't take long to get to sleep for a change.
Today of course it was freezing first thing and I was a little bit smug driving my unfrosty car out of the garage past less fortunate cars that were thoroughly iced over. And the bright sunshine once it was light was lovely to see - an instant mood improver regardless of the temperature.
I walked again at lunchtime and between having company and the better weather it was completely different from yesterday. I also took a second very brief walk after work to get my 10000 steps in.
And a beautiful evening it was too!
 I didn't drink any alcohol or binge even though during the day I wanted to eat biscuits... Not a bad day all told.

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