Wednesday, 24 February 2016


What a chilly start to the day today - I was so happy that my car was tucked away in the garage and didn't need defrosting!
I actually managed an almost decent nights sleep last night and woke up feeling at least 75% human for a change. 
Then work kicked in and turned me into an extra on The Walking Dead - but half a day as   human can't be bad.
My walking buddy was WFH today claiming to be dying of Man flu so I walked alone at lunchtime. It was bright and sunny at the beginning and end of the walk but kind of dull in the middle. After such a bitterly cold morning it actually seemed quite mild as well - or maybe the cold numbed my skin so that I couldn't tell I was freezing. Either way it was pleasant. And a much needed break from my desk.
In the afternoon I started really wanting a snack from the vending machine and went as far as digging out the necessary change. I can't claim credit for any strength of will but I didn't buy anything for the simple reason that the machine was empty. I guess the universe was looking out for me.

Weight today: 11st 5.6lbs (159.6 lbs)

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  1. Sometimes seeming disasters can turn out to be a Good Thing!
    J x ;-)