Tuesday, 12 January 2016


I got up just before 4 this morning because I had some errands to do requiring me to visit the new rental house twice before work. Luckily M drove the first time (to measure up for curtains) as we didn't even have coffee first and I don't do well without caffeine.
I was then knackered all day - even though I almost always wake up before 4am. It validates what I've been telling myself for weeks - that staying in bed after waking up.., even if there isn't enough time to get back to sleep, does still rest your body and hopefully mind.
Anyway, after that early start I dragged myself in to the office, didn't regret it until almost 8am, and didn't have the energy to battle the strong, cold wind at lunchtime - so I just stayed at my desk.
After work it was more packing, some cooking and some TV. I'm having more neck pain at the moment so I'm having to be very careful what I lift or carry. Oh, and I ate a grape at work today / it tasted far too sweet and I didn't remotely want any more. Not the most exciting day but I'm well into 'house move imminent' mode so it is what it is.

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  1. I think it's more likely to be changes from what you're used to. I'm the opposite - if I do stay in bed I then have a 'muggy head' amd feel sluggish for ages. Even coffee doesn't help!
    Good luck with all your moving preparations.
    J x