Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Work all the hours

Today was annoying on so many levels. I had to work from home to take receipt of a parcel M ordered at the weekend. I obviously wouldn't mind that apart from the fact that I wasn't given any kind of time slot so every time I had to go to the bathroom I was convinced the door bell would ring. (It arrived around 12:30 so after that I could have relaxed if not for...)
Massive work pressure this week. We have to deploy some code on Friday (another long day of course) and to get ready for that we have to cram a week's work into 3 days. And it's a part of the system I know very little about and don't really understand. What could possibly go wrong? I actually hope we find a colossal bug so it gets delayed till next week - but I don't really think that will happen. In order to help us get the deployment out my boss has hijacked loads of other people to help with the testing and kindly designated me as the one who decides who does what so we don't duplicate effort. Which is great because I don't actually agree that throwing extra bodies at it is the best way to go but now I have to try to make it work. Sigh.
Added to the above the weather was gross all day. Strong winds and heavy rainfall off and on - and I could hear it all against the windows and down the chimney. It was somewhat depressing but I still managed not to eat badly (maybe a little too much homemade baked pork rinds) and stayed away from the booze completely. I didn't get any exercise thanks to the expected delivery combined with the weather but I did wear a skirt all day even though I was home alone - and it fitted significantly better than the last time I wore it! 

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