Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Well, the general aches are fading but my neck still hurts. Yesterday I slipped in the bath and have a massive bruise on my left leg and I'm sleeping badly because of the strange unaccustomed noises the house makes. Apart from all that moaning things are improving. Fewer bags and boxes around every day ; more stuff put away where it belongs although my chest of drawers fell apart on moving day so I need a new one ; I ordered it this morning and won't get it till the 30th which is a bit irritating.
Today I mostly ate well though I did have some peanut butter and a beer this evening. I did however take two gentle strolls today which added in to over 5 miles. Add that to the glorious (cold) sunshine and I was pretty happy all told. I'm working my way down the list of people and companies needing address changes and making quite good progress. The stress is wearing off I think (that could be the beer talking). And tomorrow I get my dishwasher though I can't be sure M will have the time to install it then. Fingers crossed for me please - I haven't been without one for this long in 20 years and I miss it very much!


  1. Ouch. Bath tumbles can be so painful . . . :-(
    Fingers, toes and eyes are all crossed for quick plumbing in! :-)

    J x

  2. Yay for getting more and more settled and feeling good about things. I can't imagine living with a dishwasher. I'm sure that will be a joyous delivery!