Thursday, 28 January 2016

The stress... The stress....

Yesterday I started work at 6 and rushed like a mad thing most of the day. Several times I forgot to go to the bathroom until it was painful not to, I didn't drink anywhere near enough fluids and I got no exercise. I didn't even have the time to bitch about the horrible weather!
Today was the same (apart from the weather, which was cold but beautiful) and although tomorrow may be less frantic, it's likely to last even longer. Thank goodness this doesn't happen often.
Oh yes, and because I wasn't stressed enough by work and my side task of arranging to have our old rental cleaned for the handover, today was the first day of TTOM - and I had stomach cramps that felt like a puma was clawing it's way out of my stomach.
But it's not all bad - despite massive temptation I didn't drink or eat anything outside my diet plan. The eating side was easy - the not drinking was harder. Every day it should get easier though - stomach cramps possibly excepted...

1 comment:

  1. I find if I fill up with water, apart from the obvious consequences, I don;t crave so much come the evening.
    Hope you feel better today.
    J x