Wednesday, 6 January 2016

I'll settle for £2,000,000

I don't understand why no fantastically wealthy people are reading this and rushing to offer me a few random millions they dug out from between the sofa cushions. Life is so disappointing.

Going to bed stone cold sober last night I expected to sleep dreamlessly and leap out of bed bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. Yeah. It took me three attempts - three - to turn off the alarm when it started playing that irritating tune I deliberately picked so I wouldn't be tempted to lie there listening to it. My eyes were so bleary I missed the phone, not just the button, the first time. Am I not supposed to be a morning person? I know I'm not a night time person so if I can't handle mornings either I'm in trouble.

I didn't get a proper walk at lunchtime because I had to buy some stuff and take something to the post office so I spent too much time in queues instead. It was pretty cold today but dry so not walking  was a bit disappointing. It had actually been really foggy for my drive to work... I hate driving in fog and  don't like driving in the dark either so combining the two had me seriously considering turning back but I (wo)manned up and carried on. I did find it stressful though.
I was yawning all day long today and I must have looked really professional.i guess it goes without saying I had very little energy at all although I managed several envigorating discussions about man flu with my colleagues. The men vigorously insisted on it's reality and incredibly high mortality rate that themselves survived only because they were so strong and manly while I, and the only other female taking part, agreed that it was basically a fantasy built from a mild sniffle, a strong dose of hypochondria, and an equally strong desire to stay home and be fussed over. I may have repeatedly used the words wussy and wimpy. We women were outnumbered in the office but far more eloquent and persuasive in our arguments, particularly when my colleague dug out a Wikipedia entry that supported our argument (yes, we all suspected it was written by a woman, but it was on the Internet so it must be true)
That was the most fun I had all day. Too bad it came about because one of developers was off sick for the second day. No one really believes he's faking or exaggerating because he's a contractor and therefore would work even if he'd fallen down a well, if he had his laptop and could connect to WiFi. 
Apart from that we had blah construction noise blah roadworks noise blah blah too many people in too small a space noise.... I do not feel I gave value for money today.
Oh yes and either Citalopram is killing my memory or I'm getting old. Or I was just knackered I suppose, but it seemed like more than that. I can't tell you how many things I forgot today. I walked from room to room with no idea what I had meant to be do in any of them; as I was working I'd open a browser and stare at it for minutes while waiting for inspiration... I loaded the dishwasher but forgot to run it last night and that's damn annoying when you come into the kitchen in the morning all set to use those foreman grill plates and those frying pans to... To... To cook something, what was it called... Oh yes, that's right, breakfast...
What's my name and who am I speaking to...?

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