Friday, 8 January 2016

I'm really tired today

And I've been really hungry too. For which I blame the express train everything I ate yesterday used to leave my body as quickly as possible.
So I had a big breakfast hoping not to eat again for ages 

And then I needed lunch. And 20 minutes later (I waited that long deliberately because of the cliché about it taking 20 minutes to feel full) and then I ate some more. The only good thing was that I wasn't tempted by sugary food and really really wasn't tempted by gluteny food so it was an issue of quantity not quality of food. Half an hour or so after my second lunch I was uncomfortably full.
Because of the general horribleness I was feeling this morning because of yesterday I worked from home again today. I wasn't just hungry, I felt nauseous and wobbly and light headed (as well as forgetful - did I mention I'm losing my memory ;-)) and by no means certain that the urgency of keeping bathroom proximity had passed. So I have at least been able to yawn uninhibitedly all day without embarrassment.
I hoped to blow the cobwebs away at lunchtime but after a dry, cold and frosty morning it started pouring with rain so I did housework for half an hour. At which time the sun came out and I had the possibility of walking down the road and back which didn't seem that stimulating. So I didn't.
After work we'd agreed to let someone view this house. We've agreed to 3 viewings before today and they were  ALL cancelled. The first two we weren't even told were cancelled. So the house is tidier and also cleaner than ever before and I was really hoping that it wouldn't happen again today. Or not unless it happened before I did housework stuff.
It didn't - and I had the great pleasure of sitting there trying to ignore the agent and her clients while they pretended the sofa was unoccupied. The worst thing about it was the need to stay dressed all day - after work I like to get into my dressing gown if there's nothing happening. Wow, that really underlined my exciting life - it's Friday night and I'm in my dressing gown!
I've had no booze today and only eaten dairy and meat. And now I'm going to sleep 

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  1. I think when one is really empty it takes more than one meal. Personally, my tum prefers little and perhaps often after an upset, the often depending on the reaction! We're all different!
    How did you sleep?
    J x