Thursday, 7 January 2016

Fine, don't give me any money then

The memory loss is worse than I thought... I had a whole post written here about it and only realised that I was repeating yesterday's post when I spotted it in The Old Reader while catching up on posts by people with functioning brains. That must be a sign that I can't remember anything ever even when stone cold sober (yep - Day 3 today of not having anything to drink at all) 
I am capable of forgetting that I meant to go to the bathroom. (I am not capable of forgetting to eat, damn it) I'm incapable of remembering why I opened the fridge / went into the living room / opened up a browser window. (I opened a browser yesterday to check the side effects of Citalopram to see if it could be making me forget stuff and forgot what I meant to look up. Honestly.)
I'd rather be relatively undesiring of sudden premature death and forgetful than be able to remember exactly why I want to die, but I am beginning to worry that I might forget something really important having to do with my job or the latest house move or something. Has anyone else ever had memory issues while taking these kind of medication? I'm really hoping someone will say "yes, but it was fine after a few months" because then I don't have to worry about whether I should ask to change my prescription and go through the lovely introductory phase again. If I can remember to. 

This morning I was actually woken up by the rain hammering against the window. I was torn between luxuriating in being warm and dry and being annoyed because I was awake. Because I'm me being annoyed won.

As I seem to be complaining a lot today I might as well carry on for a bit longer. You know how I 'fessed up to eating some gluten over Christmas? And you know how often I've repeatedly moaned about the consequences of doing so until you all want to shake me very hard and yell "then stop doing it!" into my face? 
Well. Please do that next time. Because until yesterday I was constipated and today.... I'm really really really not any more. At all. Not a bit. Not even a little bit... I don't want to be too graphic but I've spent a lot of time dashing to the bathroom today. Luckily it started before I left for work, so I didn't. I stayed home and worked in a room 3ft from the bathroom.
Despite that at lunchtime I did try to go out for a walk. I planned to do some circuits around the house while it wasn't raining (in fact it was sunny) so that I wasn't totally sedentary all day and I got some fresh air. I didn't get very far and it actually wasn't for the reasons above, but there was a really strong bitter edged wind and it was making my eyes water - I think it must have looked like I was crying my eyes out. So I fairly quickly returned to the house and called it a day. At the time I thought I might try again at 4 since I didn't have to drive home but I forgot.

In case you can't tell none of the above is depressing me. Even my crappy weigh in before the world fell out of my backside didn't depress me. You see why I want to hear Citalopram causes only short term temporary memory loss with no lingering effect??? 
No doubt tomorrow I will be posting about memory loss as if it's for the first time....

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  1. That sounds pretty dramatic!!!
    I don't know about your medication but the forgetting things rather 'resonated' with me and I had a little chuckle.
    J x