Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Cough splutter

Its only a matter of time.... The person who sits across from me has a severe cold. The person on my right has a severe cold. The person on my left.... Yep, he was fine yesterday, today he's coughing and sniffing and whinging... I am doomed. And it's timed to perfection if I can get horribly sick by Saturday.
You don't have that problem working from home...
I went in today so I could receive a parcel I foolishly ordered to be delivered to the office - curtains for the new rental house, which has none. How much did I wish I'd told them to deliver it at home? THIS much. Sigh. I was feeling guilty about too much working from home and it required a signature (why???) so I had an attack of conscientiousness and dragged myself in. Damn.
I didn't walk at lunchtime and after work we went back to the new house to fit some of the curtains. 
Not coughing yet....

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  1. Don't get sick, don't get sick, don't get sick! I'm working from home today, but my 14-year old has a bad cold, so I guess it's just a dangerous for me to be here instead of the office.