Monday, 11 January 2016

Better today

My theory about Saturday is that I was under medicated due to the digestive issues I so tastefully alluded to on Thursday and Friday. After all, if you take a pill 5 seconds before having to run to the bathroom, you probably aren't going to have a chance to absorb the full therapeutic dose, are you? I hope that's the case because Saturday evening I turned green and scaly, burst out of my clothes (more than was already the case after not-Christmas-because-I'm-not-doing-Christmas) and destroyed a small town. I was a monster.
Now, I'm feeling a lot more human again. But very bloated having eaten 7lbs of salt yesterday.
I managed to be sober all weekend despite my monstrosityness and today I took my lovely lovely whisky and put it in the new house that I won't be living in until the weekend. I definitely won't drive there to get it or buy more whisky when I already have 2 bottles on the go (both non-Christmas presents) so that's one less temptation. Which may sound over the top but I really wanted something this evening and didn't have it entirely because I did that. I don't expect to get through a house move without any booze but every successful day feels good and after the move I will be aiming for a month.
Because I had to go to the other house and the visit lasted almost 2 hours I worked through lunch and didn't have time for a walk. On the other hand I did go up and down the stairs a few times (I will have stairs at home again - probably good for me. I will have to hoover stairs again  - hate)
Apart from that I worked, packed stuff and browsed online for annoying unexpected purchases for the new house. Not the best day, not the worst. Food was good and although I felt quite low mid-afternoon I managed to bounce back.


  1. That does sound a lot more encouraging. I'm glad. Moving can be very stressful.
    J x

  2. Glad you're feeling a bit better. I HATE vacuuming stairs - was so happy to move back to a one-story home last year.