Monday, 4 January 2016

Back to real life

And back to the office 
I will admit it was kind of nice to see more people and not be in the house after 2 such lazy weeks at home. I'd planned to walk 135566 miles and between the constant monsoons and my protesting back I just didn't. Apart from my day in Bath the most I managed in any one day was 6 miles and on several days I didn't leave the house.
I also planned to eat sensibly and show some restraint and that went about as well as my walking. I had some gluten free days and some non-bingeing days and I had some days when I acted as though I had 7 days to gain 200lbs - or die. I haven't weighed myself and don't plan to until Friday at the earliest. I haven't gone up a dress size but the clothes I was wearing last year don't feel or look like they did before non-Christmas happened. I refuse to bash myself about that (why bother when the gluten is already hammering my stomach? The noises it's making!)
Today I walked at lunchtime, ate only foods of animal origin (but drank a little whisky - that needs to stop), nearly fasted successfully - dinner was 100g of Greek yogurt - and did some house work.

Here's my walk:

And compared to yesterday's monsoon the weather was lovely!

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  1. Glad that back to work worked well for you. Hoping today is as nice.
    J x