Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Was a lovely day, but it ended with me too pissed to post.
My PiL arrived just before 10 and we chatted for a couple of hours before the taxi I'd booked arrived to take us out for lunch. My MiL, J, had booked our table based on TripAdvisor reviews and not much choice in the town where we live, and on arrival she wasn't that sure she'd picked well, but as you may be able to see, the food was very good. And not at all diety. Melon with parma ham, followed by a 10oz ribeye with chips, then honeycomb parfait for dessert. Apologies for the iPhone picture quality.

We left the pub at 2:30 and were driven home; as soon as we got home my FiL, S, and I changed and went for a walk. We covered about 5.5 miles and just in case we'd burned off any of our lunch calories we chose to stop at a Costa Coffee for a seasonal latte - and S added a couple of muffins we hadn't discussed while placing the order.
 After that completely unjustified snack we headed home to drink some more; much later I cooked a selection of Tesco & waitrose Christmas party foods for tea but no one could eat much of them sadly. We talked a lot, watched some TV, drank - some of us more than others - and generally had a really nice evening. 
They left quite early this morning to drive home to Wales and then I headed out for a walk despite the 40+ mph winds that nearly cost me a souvenir baseball cap I bought in Newport, Rhode Island on a US and Canada cruise many years ago. I also had a doctors appointment to renew my Citalopram prescription and while I was at it, got a sleeping pill prescription as well. Because I slept approx 15 minutes last night I'm afraid I'm having a ridiculously early night tonight and have already taken a sleeping pill to hopefully give me a better night tonight. I can hear the rain hammering against my bedroom window and it actually sounds cosy in that 'I have nowhere to be' kind of way. I won't be happy if it's still raining tomorrow but I'm hoping it will wear itself out over night. 
Tired now....

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