Wednesday, 23 December 2015

What a beautiful morning

I know that the forecast for tomorrow is pretty horrible but it was sunny for most of the morning here - almost too bright, with the sun being so low in the sky at this time of year.
I went for a walk this morning and popped out to be shorn this afternoon for another easy six + mile day. My walk was mainly on the roads as everything is so muddy at the moment, but it felt good most of the way. I did have some back ache again though, and I really hate it when walking hurts - it used to provide some relief.
This afternoon I did one of my least favourite activities - got my hair cut. It was long overdue (I used the excuse of not going in there with a heavy cold when it was actually due and then just kept putting it off) and my hair was in a reasonably awful state. I actually caught myself considering growing it out just to avoid going to the hairdresser - despite the fact that I know perfectly well long hair does not suit me at all. If I knew I would be unemployed (with no interviews) for a few months I'd actually be tempted to shave my head rather than let someone loose on it with scissors. Still, I'm always happier with it when it's been done and this time was no exception. Plus she took off at least a pound of hair :-)
Speaking of pounds I haven't dared weigh myself since Wednesday or Thursday of last week. I must get back into that, but I'm a little afraid I might be so upset by the number on the scales that I decide to binge for comfort 'because I've already screwed everything up so badly'. Maybe tomorrow.... Or the next day 

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  1. It was lovely here too - wall to wall sunshine.
    love having my hair done. It relaxes me. :-)
    J x