Thursday, 17 December 2015

Thursday thoughts

I worked from home today because I couldn't face the office. I really hope the refurb job going on at the moment is the reason for my current dislike of the place since I really don't like it there right now. Of course that comment could be totally academic as tomorrow is currently my last day there.
I didn't eat completely to plan- I ate cashew nuts, which do not belong on a low carb diet let alone a zero carb / carnivorous one, and I drank hot chocolate (made with pure unsweetened chocolate, double cream and Splenda, but still...)
I have completely lost my diet mojo it seems- but I think I've figured out why.
When I started eating zero carb I skewed my meals towards the first half of the day and when I started fasting I skewed it further, eating at least 800 calories for breakfast, which was sometimes uncomfortable. Then I eased back on breakfast, it became much smaller, and as a result was actually hungry during the day. As a binge eater I don't deal well with hunger. Add in even a little stress - like illness / injury/ job worries and insomnia and it's hardly surprising I turned to old habits to feel happier/ relieve stress or even just to boost my energy levels.
I feel a bit dumb for not realising sooner, but now that I do I intend to go back to the massive breakfast, reasonable lunch and very small or nonexistent dinner pattern and see if it enables me to get back on track. I will include small amounts of mushrooms, garlic, onions and green vegetables such as broccoli and courgette. And see how it goes :-)

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  1. I suspect you are right and it's not actually the place, just the terribly disruption and stress caused by the refurbishment.
    Good luck with the change of eating routine!
    J x