Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The sun shone

Yes, I'm feeling good today. I won't keep up the corny metaphors, don't worry!
That isn't entirely a metaphor anyway as it was sunny today for about 2 hours - and miraculously one of them was my lunch break. Yes, I did go for my (formerly) regular 2 mile walk - even though my (former) walk buddy was stuck in a meeting and I was walking alone. I didn't stick my head in a book or wallow in depressive introspection either, I'm happy to report - I just ambled along enjoying the sunshine, the mild temperature and the movement. 
I felt like me.
After work I popped to the shop and enjoyed even that - apart from the queueing. M had a takeaway this evening to celebrate having some good news about a contract extension for him (I'm once again waiting to hear about mine) but I'd eaten too much earlier in the day as I'm getting back into the fasting so I didn't bother joining him. I considered getting something to have for breakfast /lunch tomorrow but decided cold or reheated kebab for lunch didn't sound all that celebratory so gave it a miss.
Tomorrow I am working from home because - are you sitting down? - my ophthalmology appointment wasn't postponed and is due to happen tomorrow afternoon! I know, I'm amazed too. I'm actually really really glad because THE eye has started aching a little bit the last couple of weeks and it will be good to get it checked out. Could just be the time of year or all the crying I was doing, in which case no worries, but oddly enough I'm not inclined to take much on trust where my eye's concerned. However the appointment is right at the end of the clinical day - 4:15 - so they're bound to be running pretty late by then and I've no idea what time I'll get home afterwards. Wish me luck!

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  1. All the very best of luck, Chrissie! xxx
    J x