Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Still here

So is the cold. I didn't post yesterday because it would have been just a catalogue of sniffles and sneezes and the only thing less fun than reading that would be living it!
I'm doing a bit better today - if I laugh I cough but the sneezing seems to have stopped so that's something. Though I have a fairly persistent niggling sinusy headache which is a bit annoying. 
I worked from home again and I had after work overtime again - thankfully  it didn't  take as long as last time. I don't mind being paid a bit extra but 14 hour days do not agree with me. Not that I enjoyed my 10 hr day today.
I went for a walk at lunchtime today and thoroughly enjoyed myself. This morning was beautiful - sunny and not too cold - and I was on tenterhooks wondering if it would last long enough for me to spend some time outside in the sunshine. It did - even though I didn't get to take my lunch time walk until nearly 2 because I was rushing to get ready for the deployment this evening!
My lunchbreak isn't long enough to get off trail and go into the woods or anything but even urban walking is pleasant when the sun is shining.
Unfortunately due to the stress of rushing to finish things I didn't eat a proper lunch and had a mini binge instead. Sigh. But it's probably a good sign that I see it more as a regrettable mistake than a hanging offence like I would have a little while ago. Now I just need to work on not doing it again....

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  1. . . . or not doing it for a while, maybe? Rea;listic expectations and all that stuff.
    Glad things are picking up a bit for you.
    J x