Tuesday, 1 December 2015

So tired

But still feeling better and more positive (or possibly delirious with exhaustion)
After finishing work at 10:30 last night I was too hyper with frustration and stress from the issues we'd been having to go straight to sleep - it was after 11 before I turned off the light and I was awake again before 3 am, so not a very satisfying night's sleep.
I got up at my usual time and stumbled around like a clumsier than normal drunk first thing so I didn't risk getting behind the wheel of the car, working from home instead. Which was really hard to do because the day after a deployment is usually quite quiet (unless things went really badly) and I was far too bored to focus on reading documents and planning testing, which was all I had on my plate today.
This morning, even though the day was grey and uninspiring, I actually briefly wanted to go for a walk - wanted to! Sadly I was too hungry at lunchtime to follow through, but just getting back the inclination felt good, I was almost excited at the prospect :-)
In fact I did go out after work but as it was getting dark it was a very short walk. But after a couple of weeks spending my lunch breaks at my desk and my weekends lying down it felt good to do something....however little.

Food today:
Breakfast: burgers with cheese 
Lunch: bacon, eggs and homemade sausage 

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  1. That's a delicious looking lunch! I'm gled the positivity is returning too.
    J x