Thursday, 24 December 2015

Singing in the rain

I wasn't singing in the rain.
I was swearing at the rain, which is different and probably more musical than any effort at singing I might be capable of.
And I am so tired of the wind. Although since reading about deadly tornadoes in the US I admit it could be so much worse.
Something else I'm tired of is being constipated because I ate toast on Sunday. It's Thursday today, right? Aaarrgghhhh 
I didn't risk weighing myself today. Once I'm unblocked is good enough time for that.
Today I finally heard that I will have a job in January, so that's one less thing to ridiculously stress over.
As the weather was appalling I stayed in this morning. After lunch it got better but M was nagging me to watch a movie so we watched the latest Mission Impossible film. To be fair I enjoyed it's ridiculousness and nonstop action.
After the movie I went for a walk and the weather had turned quite pleasant although of course it was getting close to sunset. Unfortunately my back protested again so between that and impending dusk I didn't go far or last long. I'm still glad I got out though.
As today I didn't do much I'll call it quits there and just say Merry Christmas to those who do it, Happy long weekend for those who don't - and leave it at that 

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  1. I'm so sorry, I missed this one.
    So glad to read that the job is yours. That must have been a huge stress for you.
    J X