Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Made it to the office Wednesday

Wrote this yesterday and forgot to click publish apparently - that never happened before :-)

And today I got here the old fashioned linear way that didn't involve driving half way to London.
I got into the office just before 7 and literally no one else was in there until just before 8. It was quiet obviously, which I normally like, but also creepy and lonely and I wanted to go home by about 7:15. Then I discovered that today would actually have been a good day to work from home because our team (6 people including me) currently has only 5 desks (and at least one person WFH every day - or hot desking) and today the whole team is in the office because everyone except me was going out for a seasonal team lunch. I suspect it was taken for granted that I would WFH (don't know why...) so no one bothered to ask. I came in so I could silently stare at my boss telepathically reminding him for the 13455677889th time that my contract expires on Friday and I don't yet know if I'm coming back in January. Again. Anyhow I begged the guy who had to hot desk to take my desk while I went home but he refused. And the lunch was postponed to tomorrow so I have the same dilemma / opportunity again.
At lunchtime I went for my walk and read the archives of a defunct blog by one of my favourite bloggers all the way there and all the way back again. Which was enjoyable but I still miss my walking buddy.
No binge today but I didn't eat well either due to people bringing in chocolate.  I did eat my intended meals though, it was just a couple of extra naughty bits as well.

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