Monday, 21 December 2015

Lovely weekend

This weekend was my not-Christmas-because-I'm-not-doing-Christmas visit to my Mum and I also spent Sunday with my brother.
I caught the train quite early - before it was light - and arrived only 15 minutes late due to signal problems in Wiltshire. The forecast said it would be wet in the morning and drier in the afternoon, so we decided to wait till after lunch to go out. Sadly the actual weather was the other way around so we stayed in through the dry morning and then called off our afternoon plans when it started raining literally the minute I got out of their car. We'd been planning to walk around Lacock, so rain would not have done much for that.
So instead we stayed in and chatted and watched old episodes of Midsomer Murders - it was really relaxing and enjoyable.
Sunday my brother picked me up around 10 and we drove to Batheaston, parked up near the Kennet and Avon canal, and walked along the tow path to Bath. 

Growing up I loved Bath and went there a lot but after I moved away it got less and less frequent, and yesterday was the first time I'd been for at least a decade. It's still a beautiful city! 

I recognised the buildings but most of the shops had changed. We expected it to be really crowded but it was surprisingly civilised. For lunch Street bought me a Caribbean goat curry from a Hut set up not too far from the train and bus stations and it was lovely.
After walking all around the city we made our way back to the canal, returned to the car, and then went to his house for an hour so I could make a big fuss of his cat before my train.

The only downside of the weekend was extreme tiredness caused by insomnia Friday and Saturday nights - if we hadn't been out and about I might well have slept through half of Sunday. Instead I walked 12.5 miles by the time I got home and it was great!


  1. What a lovely weekend! I've only been to Bath a couple of times and not recently but I remember that it is such a beautiful city. I'm glad you are feeling a bit happier. :-)
    J x

  2. Sounds like a great weekend - lovely photos!