Monday, 7 December 2015

If it's not one thing...

I have a cold. I think I caught it by reading Joy's blog :-)
OK, maybe it's more likely I caught it on the train or in the hospital on Thursday or possibly in the office Wednesday - the only days I mixed with other people.
On Friday it was a couple of sneezes but it was full blown on Saturday - just in time to make doing housework a royal pain (we're moving again in January and someone wanted to view the current house). I tried to persuade M to tell the letting agent to reschedule because the house had become a plague pit but he refused so just before 10 I headed out for a walk to avoid the viewing. Then the potential tenants cancelled. And the letting agent didn't bother calling us. So M had to call them to find out that the viewing wasn't happening. Why are people so inconsiderate?
Anyway by the time all this was happening I was a couple of miles away walking in a strong wind and slightly wishing I'd stayed home despite the viewing so as soon as I learned of the cancellation I headed for home.
On Sunday I didn't have the strength or inclination to go for a walk in the continuing high winds (and cold drizzle) so I stayed close to home and we watched Despicable Me 2. I want an army of Minions, does anyone know where I can find some?
Anyway again, despite the cold I'm still feeling on a more stable footing in terms of my mood so I think the pills are finally at effective dose and the worst should be over. Today I went in to the office even though I hate people taking their germs in to spread around because my desk had been moved over the weekend and I thought I had to reassemble everything; as it turned out, someone had already done it for me. I'm now surrounded by people where before I was tucked into a corner and the people behind me talked crap most of the morning till I was bordering on inappropriate yelling. But I was also feeling fairly crappy physically so at lunchtime I drove home and worked the afternoon in bed - warmer, quieter, more peaceful and more relaxed. I need a job that allows me to work from home most of the time with occasional visits to the office once or twice a month... Just enough to stave off cabin fever!

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  1. Oh, dear, I really do sympathise. I hope yours goes faster than mine though - fingers crossed!
    Very annoying about the potential tenants; you could really have done without that!
    J x