Tuesday, 22 December 2015

I love holidays

Yesterday after posting in the morning I ate 100% perfectly (drinking is another matter as I had a Coors Lite - only one though) and today everything I've eaten has been from the animal kingdom apart from some artificial sweeteners in the form of sugar free soda and sugar free jelly. Why is this significant? Because from Thursday to Sunday I was face down in a bathtub of carbs, most of them unhealthy. I didn't binge at the weekend but very little of wine ate fitted on my plan. I even had chips on Saturday and rice on Friday and Sunday! I know I told you that I would get back to things on Monday and I did - but I expected it to be really hard after multiple days of evil and I was very surprised to find it really easy. Today wasn't hard either, and today I  was also booze free.
Yesterday I walked almost 6.5 miles and mostly enjoyed it - but I did notice my back started aching a bit on the last hill, as it had on Sunday as well after a good few miles. Today I wanted to walk but it wasn't comfortable and given the weather was so windy I decided to give it a miss. Right now it's pouring with rain outside and I have a horrible feeling that is not going to be the last time I say that this holiday. I will try to walk if it's not both windy AND raining, but make no promises if it is.
Still no news about whether I'm going to be employed in January...

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  1. It's a fair bit colder here this morning but I still didn't need my cost when I went shopping (early!)
    Fingers crossed about the job . . .
    J x