Friday, 18 December 2015

BAH humbug

Today was the company Christmas Lunch and before that the Secret Santa and awards and recap of the last year. I didn't go to the lunch or partake on the rest because I'm antisocial, tight, and a Grinch.
Even when I am less miserable I hate, loathe and despise Nerf Guns - and every year here at least 10 people get either a Nerf gun or ammo for the one they got last year, so every year on this day Nerf War breaks out in the office. THIS IS WHY I WANTED TO WFH TODAY.
Sadly because I still have no extension I had to go in to hand over my laptop and security pass. And, more importantly but less sadly get my time sheet signed so I can invoice them ASAP.
I spent quite a bit of today in the ladies room hiding from the slightly forced gaiety and hilarity and planning a gruesome death for any colleague(s) who might hit me with a Nerf dart. 
Scrooge was a sappy soft hearted tree hugger next to me - and I'm talking about the first half of the book! 
I should have taken a day off.
Anyway. It was impossible to handle all the impotent rage and stick to my diet as well. No one could have done it.
Starting tomorrow with my new plan. Actually maybe Monday as I'm visiting my mum tomorrow for the weekend. So I calmed myself from homicidal rage to mere simmering hatred with chocolate and we had a takeaway tonight. A disappointing Chinese - there are no good Chinese takeaways in this area apparently. 
M & I are both now on holiday till the 4th of January - assuming in my case that I have my extension sorted out by then. I really need this break...

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  1. I'm glad you're giving yourself some space here. It's a stressful time. The office sounds dreadful!!!
    J x