Wednesday, 11 November 2015


The refurb is now properly underway in the office and it's amazingly helpful to hear hammering, sawing, banging and crashing when trying to focus on your actual job.
(Yesterday some code was deployed to my test environment that completely broke the exact functionality I'm supposed to be testing, so I can't claim today would have been amazingly productive if it were quiet, but still, we'll never know... maybe in a peaceful working environment I would have figured out the problem and saved the day!)
It's my belief that behind the temporary wall they erected directly behind my row of desks the builders are smoking - it smells that way anyway - and microwaving fish dishes. That adds a delightful twist. Also the heating / air con has been switched off for the duration and I thought that would make it rather cooler in the office. First thing this morning that was the case and the temperature was positively pleasant, but by afternoon it was hot (which may be a commentary on the amount of hot air we're all emitting) and there was no way to cool it down, which made me feel a bit icky -slightly nauseous - in the afternoon, especially with the above mentioned smells. On the positive side the purely physical annoyances and distractions didn't give me as much time to feel sorry for myself so I haven't been as depressed today. And I even managed to go for a walk this lunchtime, not shopping but just around this fairly appealing lake in the next business park to ours.
Between that and the extra long walk to the bathroom / kitchen I managed to walk 4 miles today, which isn't bad for a full time working in the office day. However tomorrow I'm working from home and will try to get an appointment at the doctors so I can kill two birds with one stone.
I'm still sticking to my fasting plan - actually instead of my 16:8 plan yesterday I stopped eating at 12 giving more of an 18:6 day (however I was and am a bit hungrier today so that might be going too far) We'll see though, as tomorrow is due to go the same way. At the moment I'm still not able to fit enough protein and calories to eat just once, though I'd still like to.

Food today:
Breakfast: lamb chops and scrambled eggs 

Lunch: Chicken wings 

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  1. Mmmmm - that breakfast looks delicious!
    J x