Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Wednesday from home

So nice not to have to drive to the office this morning as I woke up around 2 thanks to the wind and even a sleep hypnosis programme couldn't put me back under (it was the first time I've heard it through to the end). Plus the wind is rising again so I'm happy to be off the roads. Is it only me who can't feel really warm when I can hear the wind outside? The house itself was warm enough all day but I was fully dressed (in a sweatshirt and jeans) and under a duvet while working. Comfortable but I'm sure it was psychological. I used to think because they're lower to the ground you wouldn't hear as much wind noise in a bungalow - this is NOT true.
At lunchtime I was too busy in the kitchen for a walk - I'd just had my Tesco order and was roasting a gammon joint, assembling a meatloaf for tomorrow and frying a burger. I was really tempted to go out to buy some cream (having deliberately removed from my Tesco order) but persuaded myself not to by reminding myself that my eating window was up for today so there was no point until tomorrow. Hopefully by then the urge will have worn off. Though I did get genuinely hungry later and had to eat a little cold meat.

Food today: meatballs and burgers 

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  1. I never hear the wind at all. Once my hearing aids are out, that's it. A definite advantage of being hard of hearing, I think!
    J x