Tuesday, 3 November 2015


I decided to ignore Monday this week as every time I tried to start a post it was so tedious I couldn't stay awake to write it. My weekend wasn't great either so I won't bother to bore you with the details.
I did go fairly hard off the wagon yesterday by eating a protein cookie and a protein flapjack late afternoon (which I turned into my dinner). I didn't enjoy them much so it was completely stupid, but when I added them into myfitnesspal I was surprised to learn that if their nutritional info is correct I still managed to stay within ketogenic carb levels which was quite a nice surprise. Because they contained gluteny grain flours I've been a little constipated today, but with no discomfort, and the carb increase only added half a pound according to the scales. Hopefully not enjoying it will be something I remember next time I just want something to eat no matter what.
So today became a start over day and didn't go badly. No extra food eaten. No exercise sadly due to miscellaneous aches and pains. No making things worse.

Food today:
Breakfast: egg-mayo pancake spread with cream cheese 
Lunch: burgers 
Dinner: egg drop soup 
Snacks: cheese 

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  1. Shame about the aches and pains but I think you're right to take it carefully.
    J x