Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tuesday again

Nothing of any interest happened at the weekend or yesterday. In fact I barely remember anything of the last 3 days.
One thing I do remember is the ridiculous noise levels in the office yesterday - and today it was worse, before 9am I was already getting homicidal. To be fair it quietened down later, I think the problem was they don't expect many people in early so they schedule lots of noisy jobs first thing. 
It was a really dreary day today wasn't it? I know Wales and coastal areas generally got the worst of it - cold rain and just enough wind to be annoying was as bad as it got here this morning - but it was enough to dissuade me from my lunchtime walk. And then it started really raining between 3 and 4 - just perfectly timed for my drive home at 4. It was only drizzling for the journey itself but plenty of spray to contend with. Now I can hear the wind howling around the house and have taken refuge under a duvet for comfort because it sounds cold.
In other news I think it's possible that I'm starting to feel a tiny bit better today - more stable in my mood - although it could be a placebo effect since I don't think I've got anywhere close to the therapeutic dose of my antidepressants yet. Whatever the reason though, despite still sleeping pretty badly - I feel lucky these days if I manage 6 hrs - I'm not feeling as hopeless or as exhausted, and it feels better.

Food today: burgers, burgers...

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