Thursday, 12 November 2015


Well, I was expecting to be disappointed in my hope that I could see the doctor today as they were fully booked when I phoned at 8:15 this morning. She suggested I call back at lunchtime in case of cancellations and I did, but no such luck at first. However, mysteriously I was able to get an appointment at 3:50 despite the lack of cancellations so I don't know what was going on there - someone hoping to finish early perhaps, but unable to actually refuse if specifically asked?
My mood was a bit lower today - maybe because home alone is less distracting than the office, even when it's annoying. So I am relieved to say that I now have my prescription and will start taking it tomorrow morning - I didn't want to start today because it can affect sleep patterns if you take it in the evenings and I want to start it off the way I intend to carry on. This time I'm resigned to just taking it indefinitely (so long as there are no intolerable side effects) and simply reducing the dose as low as possible once I feel better as I clearly can't trust my stupid brain to make its own chemicals consistently.
As I was working from home obviously I escaped the racket from the construction work. Just before I finished for the day I got an email warning that tomorrow there will be 'lots of loud drilling' and suggesting that we ask the builders for ear defenders 'if necessary'. It absolutely amazes me that people who work in a purely intellectual job requiring concentration should be expected to be at all effective or productive in that kind of situation. I will not be going in to be deafened, ear defenders or not, and I doubt I will be the only one.
The fasting is still going well. It's kind of an ongoing experiment to see which foods are the most satisfying for the longest time. Today's breakfast was a little less satisfying but lunch made up for it and I wasn't tempted to break the fast this evening. And this morning's weight in was a new low for my current onslaught against the blubber (I still want to lose about 8 more lbs but I'm not officially overweight any more and it's been a while since I could say that)
Food today:
Breakfast: bacon and eggs 

Lunch: lamb chops 

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  1. So glad you managed to get an appointment.
    J x